Animal Health Supplements

Animal Health Supplements

Quality product is valued highly by Milligans, and to stand behind this all products are regularly tested both internally and externally through recognised industry laboratories to ensure that we maintain the level of quality recognised with our products.

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Milligans ExcelPlus Colostrum

ExcelPlus Colostrum is a premium quality colostrum specially formulated with high IgG levels, to provide infection preventing immunoglobulin’s to new born animals.
It is nutrient rich and has extra vitamins and minerals to help prevent deficiencies in the new born animal and help stimulate its own immune system.

MIXING RATE: Mix 250 grams ExcelPlus into 1 litre of warm water or multiples thereof.


Calves(40kg Liveweight): 1.2 litres twice or 0.8 litre 3 times during the first 24 hours
Foals: 900 mL 4-5 times during the first 24 hours
Lambs and piglets: 60 mL 4-5 times during the first 24 hours
Kids & Alpacas: 120 mL 4-5 times during the first 24 hours

After 24 hours normal feeding regimes may commence using either fresh milk or milk replacer appropriate to
the species involved


PDF – Excelplus Feeding Guidelines

Typical Analysis



FAT 8%



Milligans ExcelPlus Milk Additive

ExcelPlus Milk Additive is a natural gut conditioning blend, formulated and designed to give your calves an excellent beginning in life.

MIXING RATE: ExcelPlus is in a suspendable powdered form and mixes easily with milk. Simply mix 5gm per calf into colostrum, whole milk or milk replacer daily.

Each 5kg bag contains 1000 5gm doses – enough to treat approx. 47 calves for 21 days.


PDF – ExcelPlus Milk Additive Feeding Guidelines

Milligans ExcelPlus Electrolyte

ExcelPlus Electrolyte is a therapeutic re-hydration powder, designed to enhance water absorption and aid recovery from dehydration due to diarrhea by replacing lost mineral salts.

Formulated from high quality ingredients, ExcelPlus Electrolyte is designed to give your animals that much needed boost when required.

Dehydration from diarrhea is one of the most common causes of death in young animals so use ExcelPlus Electrolyte as soon as signs appear.

When to use ExcelPlus Electrolyte:
1. Use ExcelPlus Electrolyte for the treatment of enteritis, diarrhea and dehydration in calves, horses, lambs, kids or cria.
2. Feeding electrolytes after transporting animals is highly recommended.
3. As a treatment and recovery aid for scouring animals

Directions for use:
ExcelPlus Electrolyte is a water soluble powder. Simply mix 80gm (1 heaped scoop) per 2L of warm water. Free scoop included in this pack.

Lambs 0.25 litres (10g) up to 4 times daily
Calves & foals 2 litres (80g) up to 4 times daily
Horses 3 litres (120g) up to 4 times daily
Goat kids & cria (infant alpaca) 0.25 litres (10g) up to 4 times daily
Under severe cases of diarrhea and dehydration, the above feed rates can be doubled.
Can be administered as an individual drench, via teat, bottle or calfeteria.

If the condition fails to respond to treatment, consult your veterinarian.


PDF –ExcelPlus Electrolyte Feeding Guidelines

The following are guidelines only, use common sense. If you are unsure whether this feed is suitable for your intended use or of the quantities to use please get advice from the retailer, vet or an informed source before use.

  • To maintain this feed the packaging should be folded down or zip locked to prevent contamination and preserve freshness. Store in a cool, dry place – out of direct light.
  • New born animals should be fed colostrum for the first four days after birth.
  • All utensils and containers used in preparing and feeding must be kept clean.
  • All feed changes should be gradual as overfeeding can cause digestive disorders.

Advised Practices for Milk Feeding

  • Mix milk powder prior to feeding, i.e. not the day before, not only is there potential for the milk to “go off” but calves prefer the milk fresh and warm as energy will not be wasted in heating cold milk up to blood temperature.
  • Mix powder thoroughly with warm water (preferably 38-40degrees).
  • Always use clean fresh water
  • Gradually increase feeding rates as this will avoid the potential for scours.

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