Multi Milk Replacers

Multi Milk Replacers


Give infant animals a better chance in life with our range of Milk Replacers. Suitable for a wide range of animals including:

  • Lambs
  • Fawn
  • Foal
  • Kid
  • Piglet
  • Kittens
  • Pups


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Suitable for lambs, fawns, foals, kids, piglets, kittens and pups

Mixing Instructions: Sprinkle 200g of Milligans Lamb/Multi Milk Replacer on to 1 litre of clean warm water (40-45°C), stirring briskly as the powder is added. Continue stirring until the powder is completely dissolved.
Goat kids: add only 125g of Milligans Multi Milk Replacer to 1 litre of warm water and feed at a temperature slightly above blood heat, approx 40°C.
Fallow deer fawns require only half the amount per feed stated below.


Available in: 20kg, 10kg, 5kg, 2kg

PDF – Multi Milk Replacer Feeding Guidelines

Typical Analysis


FAT 26%




Feeding rate information

The following feeding rates table is a guideline only. Please use your common sense when feeding animals. If you are unsure whether this feed is suitable for your intended use, or the quantities to use, please get advice from your retailer, vet or an informed source before use.
To maintain the quality and freshness of this feed, and to avoid contamination, the packaging should be folded down or zip-locked. Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct light. All utensils and containers used in feed preparation and feeding must be kept hygienically clean.New born animals should be fed colostrum for the first four days of their lives. Provide good shelter and access to clean water at all times. Good quality hay and/or pasture, should be made available to young ruminants. Introduce Milligans Premium Sheep Nuts to lambs at three weeks of age. All feed changes should be gradual. Overfeeding can cause digestive disorders.

Feeding Rates
Mixing Rate
Age of AnimalFeeds per daymls per feedFeeds per daymls per feedFeeds per daymls per feedFeeds per daymls per feedFeeds per daymls per feed
Day 1 = Colostrum6100610061508256100
21 to weaning250025003600ad libad lib3350
Foals – Horse and Pony
Mixing Rate100gm/litre100gm/litre
Age of AnimalFeeds per daymls per feedgms per feedDaily Volume (L)Feeds per daymls per feedgms per feedDaily Volume (L)
up to 2 weeks129009010.81270700708.48.4
2-6 weeks1012001201210100010010
6-12 weeks8130013010.4811001108.8
12-21 weeks615001509612001207.2
Puppies and Kittens
AnimalKittensToy dogsSmall DogsMedium dogsLarge Dogs
Mixing Rate200g/litre200g/litre200g/litre200g/litre200g/litre
Age of AnimalFeeds per daymls per feedFeeds per daymls per feedFeeds per daymls per feedFeeds per daymls per feedFeeds per daymls per feed
Day 1-3 colostrumFeed colostrum @ 10% of bodyweight in 10 feeds
4-7 days102102103105108
1-2 weeks1041041051071015
2-4 weeks6868610615635
4-8 weeks415415420425450
8-12 weeks335335345350380

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Where to buy?

Milligans Milk Powders are available exclusively from Farmlands in the North and South Island, Ruralco, leading rural merchant stores and all leading vets throughout the South Island. And if you still can’t find our Premium Milk Replacers give us a call on 0800 STOCKFEED

Also Available to purchase through the Farmlands/CRT card, RD1 card, Ruralco card and Visa card.
Give us a call to Discuss these options on 0800 STOCKFEED.
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