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Granny Fayes Sauces

Garlic Aioli

Offering a thick and creamy superb natural garlic dressing, this can be used on any occasion. Ideal for use as a dressing on salad or as a dip or sauce.

Available in:
365g (Ctn/12), 1L (Ctn/12), 5L (Ctn/4) and 10kg (EA)

Mayo group1

A traditional favourite, unique, thick and creamy dressing that gives any salad that extra something.

Available in:
365g (Ctn/12), 1L (Ctn/12), 5L (Ctn/4) and 10kg (EA)

Tartare Sauce

A special flavour that will transform any plain dish into a rich flavourful meal. A creamy white dressing packed with chives, parsley and red peppers.

Available in:
365g (Ctn/12), 1L (Ctn/12), 5L (Ctn/4) and 10kg (EA)

seafood family 2015
Seafood Dressing

A smooth and creamy dressing, adds colour and a tangy bite to any seafood dish. Perfect for seafood cocktails.

Available in:
365g (Ctn/12), 2L (Ctn/6), 5L (Ctn/4) and 10kg (EA)


A thick and creamy horseradish dressing, without the heat. Perfect with roast beef or with smoked salmon, as a spread or dipping flavourful sauce.

Available in:
365g (Ctn/12), 2L (Ctn/6)

Granny Fayes Crumbs

Adriatic Breadcrumbs

An exciting breadcrumb packed full of colour and flavour. Simple and easy to use Granny Faye’s Adriatic Breadcrumbs, allow users to create a flavourful, texturized colourful, appealing dish.

Available in:
200g (Ctn/20)and 5kg (EA)

Golden Breadcrumbs

A traditional favourite of the Granny Faye’s range, a simple and easy, but effective way of adding texture, colour and flavour to any dish.

Available in:
400g (Ctn/20)and 5kg (EA)

Granny Fayes Seasonings

ChickSgroup photo
Chicken Salt

A chicken flavour sensation, which enhances the flavour of some your favourite meals such as hot chips and roasts.

Available in:
140g Shaker (Ctn/20) and 5kg (EA)

Vegetable Herb Seasoning

A delicious vegetable flavoured salt, which packs a range of herbs including garlic, onion and capsicum into one sensational product.

Available in:
140g Shaker (Ctn/20) and 5kg (EA)

Granny Fayes Batter Mix

Batter Mix

Delivering a crisp, flavourful, perfect batter every time. Granny Faye’s Matter Mix is created simply by adding water or beer to the product and applying to the desired food. This batter mix is the ideal complement to use on fish, meat, chicken and vegetables creating flavour, colour and crunch to the dish.

Available in:
200g (Ctn/25), 1kg (Ctn/10), 5kg (EA) and 10kg (EA)

Granny Fayes Pancake Mix

Pancake Mix

Granny Faye’s Pancake Mix is a pancake mix, great for adding your own ingredients like chopped tomato or bacon to make savoury pancakes, pikelets or waffles.

Available in:
220g (Ctn/25), 1kg (Ctn/10)

Sweet Pancake Mix

Granny Faye’s Sweet Pancake Mix makes a deliciously light and fluffy pancake that has a hint of vanilla.

Available in:
220g (Ctn/25), 1kg (Ctn/10), 5kg (EA) and 10kg (EA)

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