Granny Fayes Sauces

Garlic Aioli

Offering a thick and creamy superb natural garlic dressing, this can be used on any occasion. Ideal for use as a dressing on salad or as a dip or sauce.

Available in:
365g (Ctn/12), 1L (Ctn/12), 5L (Ctn/4) and 10kg (EA)

Mayo group1

A traditional favourite, unique, thick and creamy dressing that gives any salad that extra something.

Available in:
365g (Ctn/12), 1L (Ctn/12), 5L (Ctn/4) and 10kg (EA)

Tartare Sauce

A special flavour that will transform any plain dish into a rich flavourful meal. A creamy white dressing packed with chives, parsley and red peppers.

Available in:
365g (Ctn/12), 1L (Ctn/12), 5L (Ctn/4) and 10kg (EA)

seafood family 2015
Seafood Dressing

A smooth and creamy dressing, adds colour and a tangy bite to any seafood dish. Perfect for seafood cocktails.

Available in:
365g (Ctn/12), 2L (Ctn/6), 5L (Ctn/4) and 10kg (EA)


A thick and creamy horseradish dressing, without the heat. Perfect with roast beef or with smoked salmon, as a spread or dipping flavourful sauce.

Available in:
365g (Ctn/12), 2L (Ctn/6)

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