Eclipse Dairy

The Eclipse Dairy range includes milk powders, caseins, caseinates, and protein concentrates all in their most functional form, as well as butter and ghee.

Offering the main varieties of milk powders, we choose powders that can be reconstituted back to their original type of milk consistently, with the minimum of effort. And along with our butter and ghee products, they are perfect for a variety of different uses.

The Milligans plant is MPI Dairy registered to ensure our products are made to the highest standards of quality and food safety fit for human consumption. Our operation gives us the flexibility to pack in most sizes and we welcome those who might need a special pack size.

Eclipse Milk Powders

Eclipse Milk Powder allows for convenience, while still giving the ‘fresh milk’ taste the consumer enjoys.

Available in 400 g and 1 kg. 

Eclipse Butter and Ghee

Eclipse Butter is available in both salted and unsalted flavour and is great as a spread or for baking. Ghee, with its high smoke point, is ideal for browning and caramelisation.

Butter available in 250 g

Ghee available in 250 ml, 750 ml, 9 kg and 210 kg.  

Bulk Dairy Products

Bulk quantities of Milk Powder, Caseins & Caseinates, Whey Proteins, and Milk Protein  Concentrates & Isolates.

Available in 20 kg or 25 kg 

For more information download the Milligans Food Group product catalogue