Eclipse Nutrition

100% New Zealand Whey Protein with more than 20g of protein per serve and low in carbs.

Pure, clean, effective nutrition, Eclipse Whey Protein is a great tasting product which is high in protein and BCAAs, while also being low in carbs.

Protein is well known to aid muscle development, not just for those seeking improved strength, but also in the prevention of age-related muscle loss.

Whey Protein is also highly filling, so great for reducing hunger cravings and keeping you feeling satisfied for longer. Available in Chocolate and Vanilla, Eclipse Whey Protein is not only great tasting, but comes from New Zealand grass-fed cows, which makes an exceptional product at an affordable price.

Chocolate Whey Powder

High in protein and BCAAs while also being low in carbs, this Eclipse Whey Protein mixes up to deliver a great chocolate taste.

Available in 1 kg. 

Vanilla Whey Powder

With a lovely vanilla taste, and perfect as a base for other flavour additions, Eclipse Vanilla Whey Protein is high in protein and BCAAs and low in carbs.

Available in 1 kg 

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